Yuki250 : Founder of Plotagon wiki    

Description: Life is like a small breath, but even this small breath can cause storms."  

Hi everyone !  

I am a Portuguese Plotagonist who lives in France !  

I'm 17 years old !  

I discover Plotagon when i was playing a game half year ago !  

I don't play anymore that game but i never stop making my Plots !  

i decided to create that wiki because like that we could share more information about us Plotagonist to others Plotagonist and to our viewers too !  

i love physics , maths and chemistry ! after all i am student !  

My dream is to work someday at Cern and reach 1 000 000 followers ( like that i could becoming the king of world ... or not )    

I have girlfriend called Morgane Pillon <3