@Tobyas did not leave, I'm him. I used to join all shows and I still join every movie I know. I only make grounded videos of Caillou, Daniel Tiger, Dora the Explorer, Max the Rabbit, and Jet Propulsion. Bye!

Description Edit

Tobias is constantly looking for plotagonists who have left the app, and finding that they have new accounts. Because of that, he says "@Tobyas did not leave, I'm him", even though he did not appear to have any fans of his own. This is another reason why many plotagonists think he is self-centered. TobiasQ78 is blocked by Klas Holmlund & on the edge of being banned. He's just

as close to being a UTTP member as well, such as taking Neil Huntoon (a long time

bad boy at plotagon)'s side, saying that it was OK to comment on strangers' videos saying

"Hello" or "Hello, what is your name?" & he is also a fan of "MLG-ROBLOX"

Who has been making grounded videos & inappropriate plots since he started on plotagon,

as well as pretending to be a child. He is currently making a new identity as an 8-year-old

boy. But in the past he stated that he just had his "tenth birthday" but on the very same day,

stated to have had his "fifteenth birthday", & in the past he also said that he could go to

college when he's ten. Tobias is also self centered (according to Klas) for sending a message to

a fellow plotagonist saying "Why did you unfollow me, plz follow me again," stating that he wants

attention & is probably one of the reasons he was blocked in the first place.