Rose Jean Jones

Rose Jean Hudson

Rose Jean Hudson is a character made by NintendoYes WeaponsNo in Plotagon. She debuted in 2016. She has a different last name due to her being a child from her mom's previous marriage.

Appearance Edit

She wears a black top, black skirt, has black high heels, has pink shades and has bright red hair. When each seasons change, her accessory changes.

Personality Edit

Rose is a really sweet person despite her being a goth. She respects her parents and her siblings. If her sister is rude to her, she gets her parents to take care of it.

Trivia Edit

  • She was the third character made by NintendoYes WeaponsNo in Plotagon and her first character to wear all black clothing.
  • She was made fun of by her sister Cayla for being both a goth and wearing shades during a hot summer.
  • Much like Kelly, she was ignored often due to Cayla's behavior.