DampNation Edit


Early Life Edit

When he was born, his throat was all messed up and he had to go through some painful stuff for four months.

How he discovered Plotagon Edit

Honestly, Jonah was gonna do Vyond. Good thing he didn't make that mistake, but he respects your opinion on it if you like it. He found Plotagon on the app store and fell in love with it.

Trivia Edit

  • JakeAnimations was the first of Jonah's friends to be discovered by him, Ashton followed, and then Ryan, and then Geo, and Javier.
  • When he first discovered SamProductions, he thought it would be funny to make grounded videos out of him. He realizes now that he never should have deleted them.
  • As of May 4th, 2018, DampNation's Caillou gets grounded series is going into its third season.
  • It is predicted that DampNation will reach 1,000 subscribers within the second week of May.