Hi , I am Arnaud, a user on plotagon.

I love making plots here's a photo.

I love making plots,comment on others and start conversations.

When you find me ,please say Hi .

You can allways follow me if u want .

So here's my story :

I joined on 1/10/15 and I pretty much thought iIwas going to be alone on plotagon but I would find out you are never alone on plotagon. Soon I got friends and started my own series. on the first weekend challenge I was 1st , wich got me staff picked , soon I already got 36 followers . And then I knew I wanted to do this with a real passion. I made new characters ( some of them are never in use ) so check it out , and if you need a chat or something need to be changed just tell me , I am always open for suggestions. I am mostly online so see you on plotagon ?

hobby's: plotagon, swimming, Reading , gaming, watching tv and sometimes cooking

from: Leuven ,Belgium,

age: 13 nearly 14

fav food: pizza

fav color: light blue

story: a day before i became 13 i got Tinnitus. Tinnitus is caused by to hard noise or going to a concert , putting your ear pods to Loud ... . its a constant noise you hear and you cant get away. At first i could not accept it , i got one problem after the other Like : stress, sleeping problems, headache, concentration problems. I got To the doctor and he told me that i had tinnitus, that was when i met plotagon. I could focus on something else , i feeled better and concetrated. Now i take medicen for my tinnitus and iam going to edit it pf it worked or not.